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We have been working in the shadows for over a year on this project, and now we are proud to share with you the Digiflex CTO site!
This site allows you to build your own Configured-To-Order cables by simply selecting the options you want for a number of our standard cables. An intuitive, visual and interactive experience with the added ability to get instant pricing and for dealers to order online, any time of day or night. This site will completely change the way we operate.
No more back and forth trying to get the details right, or trying to figure out the right model for your customized cable: just hop on to, choose your base cable, select your options, and place your order. With over 4 million possible configurations of audio, video, data and power cables, the Digiflex CTO Configurator is a powerful tool.
Day or night, your order is placed directly into our system, with all of the details you specified. You will immediately receive an order confirmation, and a follow-up confirmation within one business day, acknowledging that your order is in production and an ETA for your CTO cable.
If what you need exceeds the capacity of the CTO site, we'll put you in touch with our ETO design team to set-up an Engineered-To-Order solution, where the sky is the limit.
Digiflex continues to innovate and offer product and service solutions that make the world of interconnect a better place.
If you have any questions or would like any further details, please do not hesitate to contact your Sales Rep, Inside Sales Rep or Digiflex at

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